Welcome to Veggiedocs!

My name is Deepal Dharia and I am a family medicine doctor. My wife, Sneha Pampati, is a pediatrician.  We are both vegetarians and have been so all of our lives. In our day jobs, we spend most of our time talking with our patients on how to eat healthier, exercise more efficiently, and get to their ideal weight. In these conversations, we identified multiple obstacles that we as humans are unable to avoid. The simplest of these obstacles being that it is not easy to learn how to eat healthy. There is an endless stream of misinformation, fad-diets, quick fixes out there for us to find. But a journey to a healthier you begins with learning the core concepts of what it means to live a healthy life style, and that is what you will find here on our website. We want to make your journey easier by providing you healthy recipes, weekly meal plans, and weight loss tips so that you don’t have to struggle.