Say no to diet! Say yes to life style changes!

Eating healthier is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. Diet is short term and this should be adapted to fit the rest of your life! Try making the following changes to your life style and see how you do.

1. Your daily caloric intake should include mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes and lentils.

2. You have to eat three meals a day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

3. Try not to snack too much. Remember, you have to give your body the chance to use the calories that you ate in the last meal.

4. Don’t get frustrated, this takes time.

5. Breakfast should be simple – something like a handful of almonds or plain yogurt or fruit.

6. Lunch and dinner should always include a serving of fruit; an entre rich in vegetables and protein and plenty of water.

7. Try to avoid overfilling on processed carbohydrates such as breads/pastas/rice.

As time goes on, my home is to give you easy ways to incorporate each of these changes into your daily life. So, please expect new blog posts and stay tuned!

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