Summer Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Generally, you don’t think about soup in the summer. But we were craving a good vegetable soup after we reminisced about our recent trip to Iceland. Iceland is known for their fish soup but we were also able to enjoy lots of hearty vegetable soups there. So this summer soup is inspired by our summer trip to Iceland in June. We used the Instapot for this easy 1 pot dish.


  • Yellow Squash (1)
  • Zucchini (2)
  • Sweet Potato (1)
  • Onion (2 small)
  • Roma Tomatoes (4-5, small)
  • Green Onion (2)
  • Vegetable Broth (unsalted, 1 quart)
  • Chickpeas (1 can)
  • Onion Powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Black pepper (1 teaspoon)
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Garlic powder (1 tablespoon)

Recipe: (4-6 servings)

  1. First, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the InstaPot on “saute” setting. Add diced onion and cook until softened, about 4-5 minutes.
  2. While onions are cooking, peel and dice the sweet potato into 1 inch cubes. Also dice the tomatoes, zucchini, and squash into 1/2 inch cubes.
  3. To the InstaPot, add the sweet potato and cook for another 5 minutes. Then add the tomatoes, squash, and zucchini. Cook for another 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse and drain the chickpeas and add to InstaPot.
  5. Next add the onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder. Add salt and crushed red pepper to taste. Next add the vegetable broth.IMG_2013[1].JPG
  6. Change the InstaPot to pressure cooking setting and cook on high pressure for 10 minutes.
  7. Dice the green onion for garnish.
  8. Serve in bowl and top with green onion. Enjoy! This soup freezes well if you have extra leftovers.

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