Meal Plan – Week 11

We are back with another weekly meal plan. Like always, our meal plans feature 4 recipes that make 4 servings each. So that’s 16 meals for the week! Generally, Deepal and I eat it for dinner and then take it to lunch the next day.  

It’s winter, so we are all about soups and curries. All of these recipes are quite simple and packed with flavor. You will find the menu below, where you can click to find the detailed recipes. The entire shopping list for this menu is outlined on the bottom. The shopping list can be a little intimidating, especially the spice/oil column. But just know, that most of those ingredients are very versatile and we use them all the time and they are essential to any complete pantry! So you won’t regret it!


Shopping List

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (2 oz)Butternut Squash (1)Turmeric
Firm Tofu (1)Cauliflower (1)Curry Powder
Shredded pepper jack cheeseBaby Spinach (10 oz)Salt
Shredded cheddar cheeseGarlic (~30 cloves)Olive Oil
Green LentilsOnion (4)Vegetable Broth (2 box)
Coconut Milk (2 cans)Lime (3)Sesame seeds
Ginger Chili garlic sauce
Green Onion (6)Soy sauce
Broccoli (1.5 pounds)Sesame oil
Carrot (6)Rice wine vinegar
Celery (5 stalks)White miso paste
Dill Coriander powder
Tomatoes (2)

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