Meal Plan – Week #12

We are back with a huge set of meal plans coming your way. We took some time off creating recipes and menus, and in this time we have managed to prepare about 4 weeks worth of meal plans. Our hope is to get them out to you Sunday mornings. Why Sunday? Generally, we get our grocery shopping and meal prepping done on Sundays, so we figured that’s probably what most responsible adults do, right?

This week, we have featured 4 meals on our menu. Each recipe makes 4 servings. So that means we generally have enough for dinner and then lunch the next day. The entrees are simple and come with clickable links for the full recipes. On the bottom you will find a simple shopping list divided into multiple categories. Based on how stocked your pantry is, you may find that you already have plenty of these ingredients!


Day 1:  Cranberry and Cauliflower Fried Rice

Day 2: Za’atar Spiced Tempeh with Broccoli Slaw and Roasted Broccoli

Day 3: Sumac Lentil “Pilaf”

Day 4: Tri-color Quinoa with Black Beans and Mango Salad

Shopping List

Proteins/Dairy Vegetables/Fresh Produce Spices/Oils/Other
Tricolor Quinoa (1 cup) Onion (3) Tajin
Black Beans (1 can) Jalapeno (2) Chamoy
Tempeh (8 oz package) Cilantro (1 bunch Olive Oil
Whole Milk Yogurt (16 oz) Mango (2) Salt
Green Lentils (1 cup) Broccoli Slaw Mix (12 oz) Za’atar
Chickpeas (1 can) Broccoli bunch (1 medium sized) Cumin
Garlic (12 cloves) Coriander powder
Tomatoes (2 large) Cayenne pepper
Riced cauliflower (16 oz) Vegetable oil
Carrot (2) Tomato Paste
Green onions (1 bunch) Sumac
Cranberries (1 cup)

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