Meal Plan – Week #14

Sunday! Fun-Day! We are back with our weekly installment of meal plans. This Sunday, we are really excited for this rich and winter inspired menu. As always, you will find the menu where you have clickable links for 4 delicious entrees. Each entree makes 4 servings, so for us that is enough for dinner and lunch the next day. One simple meal plan with 16 servings of delicious food. On the bottom, you will find the shopping list organized into three categories – 1) protein/dairy, 2) vegetables/fresh produce, 3) spices/oils/other. That last column is generally pantry staples and based on how stocked your pantry already is, you may find that you already have a lot of the ingredients. This week, almost all the recipes featured roasted sweet potatoes. So you can save some time by roasting them over the weekend and storing them in the refrigerator for when you are ready to use them. Here’s to Sunday and a week’s worth of delicious meals. We hope you love them and share your pictures with us on Instagram (@veggiedocs). 


Shopping List

Proteins/DairyVegetables/Fresh ProduceSpices/Oils/Other
Chickpeas (2 cans)Sweet potatoes (8)Honey
TahiniRed bell pepper (1)Za’atar
Soya chunks (2 cups)Green onion (1 bunch)Olive oil
Sesame seedsLimes (5)Salt
Black beans (1 can)Cauliflower (1 small head)Cayenne pepper
Almonds (1 cup)Garlic (14 cloves)Soy sauce
Onion (1)Ketchup
Tomatoes (2)Chili garlic sauce
Lettuce (1 headBrown sugar
Brussel sprouts (16 oz)Rice vinegar
Red Apples (3)Cumin
Carrot (2)Paprika
Chamoy (optional)
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Black pepper

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