Korean Style Broccoli Rice with Crispy Tofu

We often cook with cauliflower rice, but we decided to try out the broccoli rice out this week. We love using riced vegetables because it provides a great low carbohydrate substitute for actual rice. Also vegetables like broccoli, generally have more fiber than rice and are more filling and satisfying than eating a large plate…

Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice with Lemony Yogurt Sauce

We are obsessed with cauliflower rice. We use it at least once a week. It’s a great substitute for actual rice because it’s a great low carbohydrate option and it has plenty of fiber. It’s filling and flavorful and honestly, I hardly miss the rice. To shorten our prep time, we generally buy the riced cauliflower at Trader Joe’s. You can always make your own, but we find it to be time consuming and makes quite a mess! We live in a small apartment in Washington D.C. and we don’t have much counter space, so we only have a mini-food processor. So, it’s not ideal for us to make our own cauliflower rice. But if you have a bigger kitchen and appropriate sized kitchen tools, you should do it!

Sauteed Mushroom and Kale Salad

Generally, when you think of salad, you tend to lean toward raw and fresh greens. We wanted to try something different and saute our greens. Unlike most of our recipes, this only makes 2 servings. So if you want more for lunch the next day, just be sure to double it. The recipe is super simple and requires minimal ingredients. The hardest part of this recipe is just waiting for the mushrooms to cook.

Lebanese Lentil Herb Salad

Green lentils are easy and quick to cook. It is generally what we make when we have limited ingredients but we want a hearty and filling meal. This flavorful lentil salad takes a total of 10 minutes to prep and we make many different variations based on our mood. This particular night, we wanted something…

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

In our house, we love sweet potato. We use it at least once weekly, I’m sure you can tell by looking through our recipes. Just like the sweet potato, the butternut squash is sweet and nutty – especially when roasted. So we decided to combine the two and make this delicious creamy and filling soup. To contrast the sweetness of the squash and the potato, we use lots of garlic and spices to add a quick kick to the soup.

Moroccan Vegetable and Chickpea Soup

This hearty vegetable soup is perfect for winter. Its spicy and satisfying and hits all the right spots. It can be easily made in just a few minutes after a long work day. All you need is a few ingredients and some prep time. I will say, we used homemade vegetable broth and homemade chickpeas…

Harissa Roasted Vegetable and Apple Salad

This spicy and sweet salad is a beautiful medley of flavors, textures, and temperatures. I love using harissa, particularly in the winter time. As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, harissa is a Tunisian spicy chili pepper paste that is made by blending roasted peppers, garlic, and aromatic spices. You can easily purchase harissa at most local grocery stores. I usually buy it from Trader Joes, and it is delicious! I put my harissa on everything – eggs, toast, roasted chickpeas to name a few. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

Tofu & Cherry Tomato Salad with Almond Pesto

We have this little basil plant sitting on our window sill. I used it a lot in the summer but I’ve been neglecting it the last few months. This recipe was inspired by our little plant, “Fred”. Yes, we name our plants. Who doesn’t love a good pesto? I make this pesto a lot, and…

Mushroom Masala Curry

This hearty mushroom curry is simple to make and rich with flavor. It’s perfect for this winter and tastes great on its own but would also be delicious with some quinoa. The curry starts out like most Indian dishes – oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, onion, turmeric and garlic. The base of most Indian curries…

Roasted Beets and Sweet Potato with Cucumber Dill Yogurt Sauce

This is such a simple recipe. It takes little no prep time. Pretty much all you have to do is cut the vegetables. I love roasted vegetables, especially sweet potatoes. But have you ever tried roasted beets? That’s a game changer. Seriously, they’re like little jewels of flavor. They are sweet and nutty and pair…